Real estate assets

Identifying opportunities in Scandinavia often requires a local presence in at least one of the Nordic countries which may be cumbersome and financially unattractive. In addition, most advisors in Scandinavia work on a small region by region basis, with no full coverage of all countries and regions here.

Scancastle can be your hands-on partner in Scandinavia in order to by-pass your need for a local office here and in order to umbrella the full scope of collective opportunities in scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

  • We can help your firm identify asset sellers in scandinavia or perform an off- market asset seller search.
  • We can locate assets in a specific asset class which may be for sale or to refinance.
  • We can investigate opportunities to create ‘pooled’ purchase opportunities.
  • We are active in most asset classes, including residential, office, retail and logistics.
  • We can do the pre screening work required with local agents in order to present you with a ‘combined’ overall package of assets.
  • We can find the assets you are looking for through a discreet off market approach.